After School Program Peterborough

WCMA after school program Peterborough - 100% positive values and character development for your child.

After School Program Peterborough Ontario – Nourish the mind, body and spirit of your child, in a 100% positive, caring environment at WCMA Peterborough. Our unique after school program gives your child an individual space to grow, along with the life skills to make them a better person. We provide free pick up from all schools in Peterborough and nearby areas. Call us at 705-749-9056 if you are interested to know more about our After School Program Peterborough.

After school program Peterborough OntarioAfter school program Peterborough Ontario

After School Program Peterborough – WCMA has an awesome after school program in Peterborough Ontario

Martial art after school program Peterborough - Our focus is total development of your child

Your child’s total development is the focus of our martial art after school program

Your child will feel comfortable and well respected as an individual person

At WCMA, your child's individuality is fully respected.

Learning happens when a child feels comfortable and respected.

Our program is based on martial arts. The training is completely customised as per your child’s age, skills, fitness and temperament.

Each child learns at a different pace and may have different interests.

Your child may want to compete (we have many medal winners) or he/ she may just want to enjoy martial arts as fun.

We respect your child’s individuality and this makes a big difference to how comfortable your child feels at our after school program. There is no cookie cutter approach in our program.

Your child will benefit from quality interaction.

The unique TEAM SPIRIT and sense of belonging at WCMA, bring out the best in your child

The fun positive ambience at WCMA effortlessly spurs personal development in a very natural motivating way.

How the instructors and other children interact with your child is one of the most important aspects of any after school program.

At WCMA we train like a team, and fight like a family.

This positive motivational environment will be really hard to find anywhere else in Peterborough Ontario.

Kids love to do things on their own, to learn on their own.

Personality development is inbuilt into our program without being preachy.

Practising martial art automatically brings changes in your child – this is an almost hidden benefit of martial arts known only to a few parents.

Kids at WCMA after school program, automatically learn the value of

  • Focus – Children need focus to learn martial arts – there is no other way.
  • Discipline – Kids want to do well in front of friends, so they practice new skills with discipline!
  • Goal setting – Kids want the next belt – they have to set goals, and achieve them! It comes automatically!
  • Respect – Respect is integral part of the martial art system.
  • Confidence – Slowly but surely kids start building their real confidence.

There are many more benefits of training in martial arts. Martial arts develops the total personality of your child.

You can read United States Military Academy research – The effect of martial arts training on self-concept, self-esteem, and self efficacy OR better still ask any parent of our after school program. Come into our academy and see for yourself.

Your child’s safety is our top priority

Our mats are one of the safest places for your child to play

We have an excellent track record of almost no injury during training.

Safety is not just within our academy – we also conduct regular anti bully training and stranger awareness training as part of our after school program.

Your child will be better prepared for life’s challenges

Kids learning martial arts are more confident in trying new things and remain 'committed to learning'.

You get excellent value for money too

Free transportation + Half Price for PA Day camps & March Break + More

WCMA after school program gives you

  • Free transportation from all schools in Peterborough. We even pick up children from Bridge North. Call us at 705-749-9056 to know more.
  • Half price for PA day camps
  • Half price for March Break Camps
  • Guaranteed spot in “Nights of the Ninja” and “Summer Adventure Camp”.

Interested in our program?

Please call us at 705-749-9056 or fill the following form to start the conversation.


Current wait list status for this program – Spots are available. There is no wait list at the moment.

WCMA Peterborough after school program

We focus on nurturing your child’s best qualities.

Our programs features –

  • Daily martial arts lesson.
  • Snack & homework time.
  • Games and team building exercises designed to help develop social confidence for children.
  • Professional instructors with years of experience training kids.
  • A fun exciting program where no class is ever the same.
  • Positive kid friendly environment
  • Clean , safe academy in a convenient location
  • FREE pickup from your child’s school.
  • Excellent community with other positive children.

FAQ – Questions we are often asked about our after school program

After school program Peterborough - Free bus pick up from all school in Peterborough Ontario

Do you pick up children from all schools in Peterborough Ontario?

Yes we do.

My child studies at Edmison Heights Public School/ Westmount Public School Peterborough/ St Peter’s High School Peterborough – Does your bus pick up from this school?

Yes. Our bus safely picks up children from all schools in Peterborough. We even pick up children from Bridge North.

My child has never done martial art before. Will this after school program work for him/ her?

No prior training is required for our programs. We teach martial art to toddlers as well as champions. The training for each person is unique. Martial art is our tool of choice for character development. We are confident it builds exceptional personal qualities. Please call us at 705-749-9056 or visit our academy if you have any doubts

Are there any discounts for more than one child?


What is the parent pickup time?

Parents pickup at WCMA at 5:15 PM. (On all weekdays we have kids classes from 5:15 to 6:45 PM but those classes are not part of the after school program.)


If you have more questions about our after school program in Peterborough Ontario, please call us at 705-749-9056 or start the conversation using this form.