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After School Program –
Martial Art (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Karate) + Total Development

Parents: Don’t let your child waste precious after-school time surfing the net or hanging out. Instead, keep them learning and growing with our Martial Art (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Karate) After School Programs in Peterborough. The World Championship Martial Arts (WCMA) team has been planning and developing this program with the anticipation of providing families in the community with a convenient way to maximize the potential of children. Our program will take a harmonious approach to develop the mind, body and spirit of each individual child. The after school activities for kids planned at WCMA are unique because despite the children being in a group we try to pay attention to each child’s individual needs. If you are looking for a martial arts after school program, you will find our after school martial art (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Karate) classes as a practical, convenient, safe and progressive way to help your child develop their full potential in a fun, team spirit way. Your child will enjoy the afternoons learning and doing positive things and then appreciate the quality time with you during the evenings. Call us now to book a free class to see and feel the atmosphere at our academy.

Karate After School Program Peterborough

Free Transportation

Our program offers FREE transportation directly from certain schools in the community to the Academy. Upon arrival, the children will have the opportunity to socialize while they have their snacks and prepare for a martial arts class. After the class, children will be assisted by our qualified staff with their school homework. For days when a child does not have any assigned homework to complete, they will be provided with alternative mind-stimulating activities such as reading, word searches or studying martial arts terminology, history and culture.

after school program

The after school martial arts classes will follow a progressive curriculum that include practical lesson plans for anti-bullying strategies and the prevalent dangers of Internet chat rooms and strangers. The curriculum is established to be easily applied to real life situations. Our focus is to instill confidence, self-esteem and leadership qualities. The classes will be divided by age category in two groups so that we can focus on the developmental needs of the children.

Children who are enrolled in the After School Program will be provided with the same quality programming during early dismissal days, professional development days, winter and spring breaks. In addition, the children enrolled in the After School Program will be guaranteed a spot secured for the already successful “Nights of the Ninja” and “Summer Adventure Camp”. You will lose the stress of searching for childcare or wondering what your child is doing when schools are closed. You can continue your work day with ease knowing that your child is in a positive and safe environment receiving quality physical activity and mental stimulation within a team. Evenings can now be a relaxing time to enjoy dinner and engage in precious family time.

1/2 Price PA Day Camps

After school program members may attend all WCMA PA Day Camps for 1/2 Price!!!

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