Karate for Toddlers in Peterborough Ontario

Karate for Toddlers

Movement, Fun & New Social Confidence

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Karate for toddlers develops better coordination, balance and a new social confidence in your precious little one. Quality time spent together in fun team activities, will further deepen your bond with your toddler. Additionally, these toddler classes are a great opportunity to meet other like-minded parents in Peterborough! Read on to know more, or simply chat with us at (705) 749-9056 to know more about our new program – “Karate for Toddlers”.

karate for toddlers peterborough ontario

Karate classes for toddlers in Peterborough, Ontario – Program details

  • Age : 2 and 3 year old
  • Program duration : Ongoing
  • Program schedule : Every Saturday, 9-9:30 AM
  • Program fees : Very affordable. Call us at (705) 749-9056 to know the best price for this program.
Karate for toddlers Peterborough Ontario

Spots are limited. Quality time spent with your toddler is one of best investments for your precious little one. Please fill this form if you would like to book a spot now.

Karate for Toddlers – Movement, Fun & Great Bonding!

Some common questions we have received about our toddler karate classes


What is the youngest age to start martial arts?

Two years is the youngest age to start martial arts.

Toddlers are naturally active but toddler martial art classes help in developing fine motor skills, coordination and social confidence. Carefully designed, age specific activities for toddlers help all round physical development in a very safe environment.

Is Karate good for toddlers?

Yes. Traditional Karate is known to develop the mind, body and spirit of the practitioner, no matter what the age. The training needs to be age specific.

Karate for 2 years olds – What do you teach?

Karate lessons for 2 year olds are about basic coordination, fun and toddler games played together with the parent. The program is structured to keep your little one moving between new activities, which helps keep their busy minds engaged and focused!.

Karate for 3 years olds – What to expect?

Karate lessons for 3 year olds include some basic karate movements with activities for the parent to do with the child, plus games and fun toddler activities like relay races. The main emphasis is movement, fun and social development.

Do you know of any mom groups in Peterborough Ontario?

We have a successful kids martial art program. However the toddler karate program is a new program at WCMA. If you are looking to meet up with moms of toddlers in Peterborough then joining this program should help!

Do you offer Toddler Taekwondo?

No, but our toddler Karate program is similar. At pre-school age, we can only teach basics, so practically, toddler Karate offers similar benefits as toddler Taekwondo.

Do you offer Kickboxing for Toddlers?

No. In many ways Kickboxing is far more intense than Karate. At the age of 2 and 3, the children are not fully ready to understand all instructions or execute them. Karate for toddlers is much gentler and more suitable for pre-school kids with almost similar benefits as kickboxing.

What type of toddler activities are included in your karate lessons for toddlers?

All the toddler activities planned in our program focus on developing motor skills, coordination and listening skills of the toddler.

We will be doing basic karate movements, with activities for the parent to do with the child, plus games and relay races. The big emphasis with this program is movement, fun and social development.

All toddler activities are non-competitive. The emphasis is on doing fun activities- rather than right or wrong.

Does your program include outdoor ativities for toddlers?

No. The “Karate for toddlers” program includes only indoor activities for toddlers.

Does your program include mother toddler ativities?

Yes it does. Toddlers feel safe with their parents around them, so it’s only natural that our karate for toddlers program has mother toddler activities/ parent toddler activities.

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