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Kids Karate = Self Defense + Total Improvement.

Kids Karate Classes – In our programs, kids will learn the elements of self-defense – the #1 reason kids want to learn Martial Arts. By working towards this goal they are taught self-discipline, concentration, respect for themselves and others as well as comprehensive listening skills. All these traits are beneficial, not only during the formative years of their development, but throughout their lives.



Learning Martial Arts develops self-esteem and can create a greater sense of self-confidence in the lives of each individual. The improved self-esteem that they will develop can help to overcome negative peer pressures that may be prevalent in their schools or social environments. At World Championship Martial Arts we train kids to realize that they have a constructive way to conquer their personal fears– through Martial Arts training.

The style of Martial Arts training will extend into other areas of life, often projecting into their school experience. The self-discipline that is taught in our classes is recognized for frequently resulting in greater concentration and often higher grade averages. Our training can help correct poor or inefficient learning habits, and best of all, they feel better about themselves overall.

kids karate class peterborough Your child can join us for a Free Trial of Kids Karate Class. The atmosphere at our academy is safe, fun and filled with team spirit, to interest and enthuse the child with a positive confidence and go-getting spirit.

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Kids Karate