Martial Arts Summer Camp – 5 unique reasons to join

Martial Arts summer camp offers many unique benefits. Over the years, we have seen many positive changes in children who have participated in our martial art summer camps in Peterborough Ontario. Here are the top 5 unique benefits of martial arts summer camps.

Martial Arts Summer Camp

WCMA offers martial arts summer camp in Peterborough Ontario, for kids age 4 to 11.


1. Martial Arts Summer Camp builds fitness

This one is obvious but worth mentioning.

Lot of parents think their kids need to be fit to join a martial arts summer camp, but that’s not true!

Doing martial arts will boost your child’s fitness in ways that few other activities can. Martial arts develops all round functional fitness and confidence in your child.

Our martial arts summer camp will build stamina, speed, balance and strength of your child. No two sessions are same so the child will never feel bored.

All our activities are customized as per the age, fitness and skill level of each child.

Our summer camp has minimum of two martial arts lessons every day.


2. Martial Arts Summer Camp teaches management of emotions

Discipline & mind control is necessary for martial arts. Martial art goals cannot be achieved without proper focus, self discipline and control over emotions.

The breathing techniques and focusing on tasks while shutting down all other emotions, slowly teaches your child management of complex emotions including anger.

We are not suggesting martial art as a therapy but in our experience we have certainly noticed (and many parents have reported) positive improvements in management of emotions. So we are reasonably sure that martial arts helps children deal with complex emotions while growing up in today’s stressful environment.


3. Martial art summer camp teaches self defense

Our summer camp lasts 8 weeks but we try to teach many valuable techniques in those 8 weeks.

Stranger awareness is part of our summer camp program. This training is age specific. Your child will learn to be more aware of their personal safety. They will learn how to react when strangers approach them while they are alone.

We also cover anti-bully training in our martial art summer day camp.

Our practical training  makes a major difference to the social confidence and mental outlook of your child.


4. Martial art summer camp builds self confidence in unique ways which other camps may find hard to match.

Today most camps have activities where your child will be achieving different things. This sense of achievement builds confidence but there is something unique about martial art summer camps

When you child goes for arts, crafts, nature camps or even sports camps like swimming or others, they definitely learn new things, which builds confidence but once the activity is over, does that confidence carry over to their daily life?

Most camp activities are just activities to keep your child busy but martial arts builds the confidence of your child from within. The fact that they can take care of themselves physically, while managing their emotions and focusing to achieve goals is a big self confidence booster in daily life.

Martial art builds a lasting “can-do” spirit.


5. Martial Arts Summer Camp improves memory retention. Surprising but true!

Recalling and repeating what has been taught always improves memory retention and martial art has a lot of this type of exercise for the brain.

This is proven by recent research too – See this article on National Center for Biotechnology Information web site, which says

Karate children show better speed times, explosive legs strength and coordination skills. They scored better on working memory, visual selective attention and executive functions.


Does WCMA martial arts summer camp in Peterborough Ontario, provide all these benefits?

Our martial art summer camp lasts 8 weeks only, but we try to pack in as much practical martial arts training as possible.

Our summer camp will definitely provide above benefits but results may vary from child to child.

If you like the results, your child can always continue the training, under our After school program or even the regular kids programs too.


What does your summer camp include?

  • Minimum of two martial arts lessons a day – Carefully developed martial arts instructions to boost your child’s confidence and teach valuable skills.
  • Daily character development lesson
  • Team building group activities
  • Daily activities, crafts and games based on each week’s theme
  • Two field trips a week – transportation included. (Week 8 -Awesomeness Week has daily field trips!)
  • Educational guest speakers
  • Exceptional support staff comprised of teachers and camp counsellors
  • Early Drop Off INCLUDED!
  • Camp T-Shirt Included with registration!


Pricing of our camps depends on how many weeks you join and when. Family discounts are available.

Please contact us by form or call us at 705-749-9056 to know more.


Martial arts summer camp at WCMA Peterborough – Ask us for our best prices today.

Martial arts has been traditionally known to develop the mind, body and spirit of the practitioner and those same benefits can also be expected from a good martial arts summer camp.