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Summer Camps Peterborough 2022

9 Themed Weeks


American Ninja Warrior (July 4th – July 8th)

American Ninja Warrior Camp will feature new and exciting obstacle courses each day. Teamwork will be a focus this week as campers will take part in building the courses with their friends. As well, the campers will challenge themselves by racing against their friends and the clock during course races. Ninja Skills will truly be put to the test this week!


Water Week (July 11th – 15th)

This week our campers will go to the beach, and splash pad as well as engage in a ninja water gun/balloon battle unlike anything they have ever seen before! Get ready to get wet and wild in this fun filled week of water fun!

Nerf Wars (July 18th – 22nd)

Our Nerf Wars week of camp will see the campers bring their Nerf ninja skills to a whole new level. Children will take part in team tournaments, obstacle course shooting and target practice competitions. As well, the campers will take part in the ultimate outdoor capture the flag game! Your Nerf Ninja will not want to miss this week!

Harry Potter (July 25th – 29th)

Is you child a Harry Potter fan? If so, they are going to love this week. Who will catch the golden snitch? What house will you child be in in? Who will win the house cup? Will Voldemort reign supreme? Find out the answers in this mystical fun filled week!

Legomania (August 1st – 5th) 

This is your child’s chance to unleash their imagination and creativity! Our Lego theme week is designed to give your child hands on experience building and learning, challenging each individual through creative play in a fun, relaxed and stimulating environment.

Animal Kingdom (August 8th – 12th)

If your child is an animal lover, you won’t want them to miss this week! Our campers will have the chance to interact and learn about animals from all over the world this week. Field trips include a visit to the Peterborough Zoo and exploring the wildlife in Jackson’s Park!


Pirates & Explorers (August 15th – 19th)

Adventure and shenanigans are the name of the game of we explore the world of pirates. Treasure hunts, mysteries and all the loot you can carry will fill this amazing week!

Pokemon (August 22nd – 26th)

Pokémon camp is a creative camp where students will develop their own Pokémon cards with their own character art and stories. Children will play a number of Pokémon inspired actives while developing their creative skills. If your child loves Pokémon, this is one you don’t want them to miss!

Super Hero (August 29th – September 2nd)

It’s time for your child to unleash their inner Super Hero. Children will learn about our first responders and real life super heroes this week. As well, they will be put to the test as they earn their Super Hero Certification with our Super Hero training course!


Give your child the gift of confidence and memories that will last a lifetime.

Camps are held July & August (Mon.- Fri. 9AM-4PM)

Please contact us by form or call us at 705-749-9056 to know more.

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